Tan Care

Day Before Prep:


~if waxing, 48 hours prior recommended

~manicures/pedicures done before

~if skin is dry, hydrate skin before

Day Of Prep:

~freshly showered

~skin is free of all oils, moisturizers, makeup, perfume and deodorant

~wear dark, loose fitted clothing for after

After Care:

~wait 24 hours to shower

~after 10 hour you can do a warm rinse     (no soap)

~pat skin dry after shower to lock in moisture

~keep skin hydrated (the more hydrated it is the healthier it is, when skin is healthy it will tan better and stay tan longer)

***NEVER use Dove products, before or after! It can turn skin green***

*No soaps/moisturizers with sulphate, mineral oil or petrolium*

(as these can lessen the life of your tan)

If you have any questions or concerns,

please contact me!